Our Core Values

PTFE Group is drawn together by people who take pride in their work, respect their co-workers, and value the opportunity to get the job done right. The following credo helps all PTFE Group employees to remain focused on what is most important. 

INTEGRITY - We strive to adhere to moral and ethical principles, soundness of moral character, and interacting with fellow employees, customers and suppliers in the most professional and respectful manner. All intractions and transactions are treated as mutually beneficial.

LEADERSHIP - Our leaders strive to help themselves and others do the right thing, set direction, walk the talk, and build an inspiring vision of what can be achieved; and then most importantly, getting it done.

QUALITY - We strive to ensure a culture of quality that requires all employees to actively participate in and take ownership for optimizing all processes, inputs, and outputs, continuously, every day.

COMMUNITY- By working together, sharing common characteristics, interest and goals, we strive to build a supportive and enjoyable workplacewhere teamwork and fellowship enhance productivity and quality.