A Culture of Excellence

Experience, Collaboration, Teamwork

The essence of our culture at PTFE Group is shaped by the core values of Integrity, Leadership, Quality, and Community. Through strong moral and ethical principles, respectful working relationships, and visionary leadership that 'walks the talk', the PTFE Group community adheres to a strong set of common attitudes, interests and goals. This helps to create the team-focused approach that we take to building excellence.

One clear example is the focus that we have placed upon supply-chain management and timely delivery. Utilizing the strengths of each of the four plant and fabrication locations, supply inventory and process workflow is managed to ensure that products are produced and shipped to our customers, anywhere in the world, in the most efficient way possible.

Whether it's problem solving, production optimization, or responding to more complex customer inquiries, openness to 'putting heads and hands together', leads to effective, efficient, and creative solutions.