Passion for Quality

Inputs, Process, Outputs, People

Quality has always been an important focus across all four PTFE Group companies. As each one has brought its own best practices for quality process and product, all companies have learned from each other and grown stronger together.  The resulting high-quality culture that now shapes PTFE Group is a culmination of the strengths of all four capable companies.  Together, all function as one enterprise with shared benchmarks across all areas, from supply chain to customer service.

We are proud to be an ISO 9001 Quality Registered Company, but our commitment to quality doesn’t end there. Our ongoing enterprise goal of zero-defect product drives us to ensure that all processes, inputs, and finished product measure up to our own high standards.

Thanks to our own stringent quality standards, compliance with industry standards, and a very strong overall culture of quality, PTFE Group consistently meets the qualification standards of leading manufacturers.