Stability & Strength

In 1966, Green Belting Industries began manufacturing coated performance materials for industrial use. Today, the four companies that comprise PTFE Group of Companies include Green Belting Industries (Canada), Biscor (UK), Greenbelt Industries (USA), and Mapelli S.R.L. (Italy).

While each of the four PTFE Group companies retains geographical and cultural uniqueness, our combined strengths and resources ensure quality and consistency across the enterprise. Each company plays an important part in the overall supply chain and benefits from the interchange of manufacturing, fabricating, and inventory excellence. In this way, PTFE Group can service customer needs more effectively and efficiently on a global scale.

Four international locations provide closer access to more markets, assist in building efficient global distribution channels, and offer protection from currency and economic fluctuation.

Overall financial stability and market access is further enhanced through the ownership structure provided by Ammeraal  Beltech (AB), of Rotterdam, NL.  With annual revenues exceeding €370 million, and affiliates in 26 countries that service markets in 150 countries worldwide, PTFE Group customers benefit from the strength and expanded reach that this provides.