The Abrasives industry involves the manufacture of grinding wheels, discs, pads, emery and sand paper and other refining tools that are used in many industries. Within this industry, PTFE Group provides performance materials for the management of by-products and for grinding wheel manufacturing. 


Waste Containment Tray Liners - PTFE Group provides coated performance materials, namely PTFE-coated fabric that is used as tray liners that capture by-products that result from the production of abrasive papers, discs, and wheels, etc. High resistance to heat and chemical bonding and celan-release properties make this an ideal material for this purpose...more 

Grinding Wheels are manufactured with the aid of non-stick fabric separators. Formed as longer 'logs', the separators sub-divide the logs into finite grinding wheel widths that are then separated after the logs have been cured. PTFE Group coated fibreglass cloth in pre-cut pieces are used for this purpose because of their high tolerance to heat and the ease at which they separate from the cured disc material. ...more