The Automotive Industry involves the manufacture of motor vehicles including cars, trucks, motorcycles and towed vehicles. It is one of the world’s more important economic sectors by revenue. PTFE Group coated fabrics and tapes find many uses in auto manufacturing and repair - from interiors to drive train components and brakes.  

Extrusions - 
A wide array of automotive parts are produced by a ‘extrusion’ – a process through which various materials including metals, polymers and thermo-plastics, are pushed through a mould to produce continuous lengths of a fixed cross-sectional profile. Both PTFE and Silicone coated fiberglass are used in the production of automotive extrusions. ...more

Interiors - Manufacturers of automotive interior components, including carpets, seating, roof lining / headliners, acoustic panels, and internal panels, make up this Automotive sub industry. Non-woven fibers including fiberglass are mixed with polymers, heated and then shaped using dies. PTFE Group coated performance materials are use in a variety of ways within this sub-industry.  ...more

Structures - Automotive frames, chassis, and dashboard structures, are comprised of parts made by stamping and welding processes. These parts may include special hinges, instrument panels, suspension links, and dampers. PTFE Group coated performance materials provide an effective protective barrier for parts and equipment within this sub-industry. ...more

Brake Linings - Automotive brake linings include the brake pads used in disc brake systems and the shoes used in drum brake systems.PTFE Coated conveyor belts are used to transport these parts through the curing ovens. ...more