With product applications in aircraft manufacturing and maintenance, PTFE Group works with aviation customers to help maximize efficiency, reduce costs, and minimize 'Hangar Time'. Exceptional product quality, ongoing research and development together with experienced customer and field support enable PTFE Group to provide the best solutions to ensure efficiency in workflow.

Aviation Sub-Industries

The sub-industries within the Aviation Industry where PTFE Group products are used include:

Jet Engine Component Repair and Rebuild – Precision fit and clean release properties of PTFE Thermal Spray Masking products makes them desireable for the resurfacing of jet engine components, and in the application of anti-wear, anti-corrosion and anti-static coatings used on many aircraft components.  ...more

Landing Gear Repair and Maintenance The Aviation Landing Gear industry involves the repair, restoration, and resurfacing of landing gear components for aircraft. PTFE Group provides High Velocity Masking Tapes and Compounds which are used to mask valuable components when HVOF thermal spray coatings are applied to target areas on the landing gear. ...more

Composite Structures- Precision sizing and exceptional (clean) release characteristics of PTFE Coated Fibreglass Fabrics are qualities that have led to their introduction and growing use as release /buffer sheets in the production of various composite aircraft components such as engine cowlings. ...more

Airframe Manufacture and Maintenance – including components and assemblies relating to the physical structure of an aircraft such as the fuselage, wings, and tail section of all aircraft including airplanes, commercial jets, military jets, and helicopters.  ...more