Bag Manufacturing

 Paper Bag Manufacturing – PTFE Group UHMW film tape is used by manufacturers to protect forming tubes and plates from the abrasive impact of paper.  The tape reduces friction and withstands the abrasiveness as the paper passes over, thus extending the life of the machine components. ...more

Sub Industry: Polybag Manufacturing - during the formation of polyethylene bags, which begin as plastic pellets, PTFE Coated Tapes, Fabrics, or Belts provide a protective, non-stick barrier that allow heat to transmit to the desired surfaces while protecting the heated surfaces from the sticky molten plastic. ...more

Sub Industry: Re-Closable Pouches - typically manufactured in 2 stages: bag formation, and attachment (heat sealing) of the re-closable seal, PTFE Group fabrics, tapes and belts are used to protect the thermal surfaces to prevent adhesion of the heated and partially melted polyethylene material. ...more