Consumer Products

The Consumer Products industry includes the production and packaging of a vast range of items that are used for common or daily use - and that are purchased by individuals or households for private consumption.

Heat-Shrink Film - a very common packaging method for a wide range of consumer products, examples include bottled beverages, food tins, binders, paper products, toys, tapes, hardware items, etc. The process machinery includes a heat-shrink tunnel where the product is encased within a layer of poly film. ...more

Hardware & Safety Products Packaging - Many items found in hardware and home improvement stores including nuts/bolts,  batteries, bandages, consumer electronics, and even pens and pencils, are often packaged in blister packs. In this application, PTFE Group supplies buffer fabric for heat-sealing elements that prevents the heated plastic from adhering to the platen or heating unit. ...more


Form, Fill, and Seal of Heavy High Density Poly Bags - For the heavier bags that are needed for gardening and agricultural products, Form, Fill, and Seal machines use heavier films to form strong, flexible polybags. This type of packaging generally uses tear-resistant 2-ply band sealers to seal the pouches. PTFE coated fabrics and tapes are used. ...more
Form, Fill, and Seal of Heavy High Density Poly Bag Pouches - Similar to lawn and garden products, form, fill, and seal equipment is used to seal heavy poly films to create strong flexible packaging to contain salt pellets and rock salt. Tear-resistant 2 ply band sealers are used to seal the pouches. Once filled, the heavy poly film pouches are heat sealed by two relatively wide and long two-ply sealing bands. ...more
Cosmetics, Health & Beauty Products
- generally mixtures of chemical compounds, both synthetic and natural these products are used directly on the body for hygiene, personal care and beauty. Once manufactured, heat-shrink packaging of these products utilizes PTFE Group products....more