Masking Semiconductors For Thermal Spray Coating - Virtually all of the equipment used in the processing of semiconductors and their components receive some kind of thermal spray coating. PTFE Group Thermal Spray Masking tape is used to strategically mask areas of the components where coating is not desired. ...more

Insulating of Copper Wires for Dry Cell Transformers - The copper coils are insulated by woven fiberglass tape. Woven fiberglass is an excellent insulator which is why PTFE Group fiberglass tape is often used to wrap the coils and wiring. ...more


 Insulation of Wiring for AC and DC Electric Motors - Class H fiberglass tape is used to protect and insulate the wound wiring core during the insulation phase of the repair of electric motors. The tape offers protection from abrasion and provides electrical insulating properties. ...more

Insulating of AC and DC Traction Motor Components - Several different styles of insulating materials are used to protect the equipment components against arcing and physical abrasion. PTFE coated fiberglass fabrics, pressure sensitive tapes, ...more