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Masking for Plasma Spray and HVOF for IGT Engines Plasma spray and HVOF coatings have extensive use in the gas turbine repair industry for the application of ceramic or thermal barrier coatings (TBCs). PTFE Group produces tapes, fabrics, and a compound for the purpose of strategic masking against plasma spray coatings. ...more

Strategic Masking of Oil and Gas Extraction Components for Thermal Spray - Thermal spray masking tapes, fabrics, and compounds are used to strategically protect areas where a coating is not desired. The material used must resist high temperatures and high abrasion. ...more

Masking for Plasma Spray and HVOF Coatings of Hydro Electric Turbine Components - Plasma spray coatings are used extensively in the turbine repair industry primarily for the application of corrosion resistant coatings. PTFE Group produces masking tapes, fabrics, and compounds.  ...more