Flooring Industry

The flooring industry extends to a wide range of floor coverings including carpeting, hardwood, softwood,cork, laminate, vinyl and various underlay products.

Polymer-based Carpet Underlay - Carpet underlay is the layer of Polyurethane foam, sponge rubber or crumb rubber cushioning that is laid beneath carpeting to reduce carpet wear and to provide insulation against sound, noise, moisture and heat. PTFE Group products are used in the manufacture  ...more

Conveying of Mats while Backing is Applied - PTFE Group Conveyor Belts are used to convey partially completed mats while anti-slip polymers are applied to the reverse side. Our PTFE Coated Fabrics are also used as coverings (Press Sheets) to protect machine presses as the polymer backing is being applied. ...more

Conveying of Carpets During Production Process - In the manufacture of carpet and carpet tiles, the reverse side of flocked and woven carpet products is usually coated with PVC, bitumen and rubber and layered with non-woven fabrics. PTFE- Coated conveyor belts are used to apply the PVC polymers and oils ...more

Lamination of Underlays for Laminate and Wood Flooring: - The Laminate/ Wooden Floor Underlay industry involves the manufacture of soundproof Laminate floor underlay often made with Aluminium foil for added insulation. During the manufacturing process, conveyor belts are used ...more

Protection of Heat Sealing Elements - PTFE Group PTFE Coated Tapes and Zone Tapes are used to seal the packaging material used in the wrapping/bagging of carpeting and other flooring products. A typical application involves heat sealing of the ends of the bag ...more