Food Production

PTFE Group products serve a wide and growing range of uses across the food industry, from cooking surface protection to multiple packaging applications, and from grains and vegetables to meats, desserts  and candy. 

Food Grains & Cereals - From processing to packaging, PTFE Group performance materials are used extensively in the Food Grains and Cereals sub-industry. Heat resistance, non-stick, easy to clean surfaces and resistance to abrasion are all important qualities that PTFE Group Tapes, Fabrics, and Belts materials of choice in this sub-industry. ...more

The Food Bakery Sub-industry involves the conversion of dough based products and cereals into finished goods through the introduction of heat - typically by baking in an oven or frying. Cleanable non-stick surfaces are essential for efficient and safe operation. Resistance to heat and abrasion are also important attributes. ...more

Candy & Confectionary baking involves the manufacture and packaging of sugar and chocolate based products, dried fruit, nuts, potato chips (crisps), nuts, and other snack foods. The sub-industry includes various forms of food preparation including oven baking, dipping and coating along with various packaging processes. ...more

The Food Dairy - includes the manufacture and processing of products derived from milk, typically from cattle, goats and sheep. PTFE Group offers a range of coated performance materials for use in cheese production (dewatering and drying), and packaging of liquid and solid dairy products 

The Fruit & Vegetable Processing and Packaging Sub-industry refers to the processing, cooking, and packaging of Fruits, Vegetables and Salads. Different product applications range from produce washing and drying to freezing and frying.

Meat - As there are many different kinds of meat that are processed / prepared and packaged, there are many different ways of preparing them. PTFE Group performance fabrics are used as conveyors i ovens, fat fryers, contact fryers, steam cooking and freezing. They must there for tolerate a wide band of temperatures, must be easy to clean, and resist chemical bonding. ...more

Food Packaging - The Food industry involves the processing, packaging and protection of foodstuffs for further processing and retail. Packaging styles differ greatly resulting in a multitude of packaging OEMs that specialize in a wide range of machinery including: Vertical and Horizontal Form, Fill, and Seal Equipment; Vacuum Packaging; and Curve Sealer Assemblies. ...more

Pet Food Manufacturing - involves preparation and cooking of animal Meats including Fish and Poultry for non-human consumption. Many of the same preparation steps are similar to that of human food production including contact frying, steam cooking, and produce drying. Belts, fabrics and tapes must have high heat tolerances, resist chemical adhesion and be easy to clean. ...more