The Medical industry presents a number of applications for PTFE Group performance materials including protective tapes and fabrics used for heat sealing equipment, and specialized masking tapes and compounds for masking of various medical components and appliances in preparation for thermal spray coatings.

Medical Products Packaging - Many medical components, tools and devices are packaged, sealed and sterilized prior to final secondary packaging. An often-used method for sealing the packaging is called medical device impulse pouch sealing. ...more

Medical Device Manufacturing - Medical instruments, apparatus, implants, or other related articles used for medical diagnosis, treatment or prevention of disease and injury often receive specialized anti-wear and anti-corrosion coatings that are applied by Thermal Spray. PTFE Group provides specialized thermal spray masking tapes, fabrics and compounds for masking of these products. ...more

Over-The-Counter Medicines - Drugs and medicines sold without a prescription at retail stores are generally referred to as Over-The-Counter Medicines. PTFE Group products assist in the manufacture of capsules, pills, and other non-prescription products used for the purpose of improving health or addressing minor illnesses. ...more

Production of Medical Grade Non-Woven Fabrics - PTFE coated conveyor belts are used to produce, dry and laminate non-woven fabrics which are then converted and used in products such as bandages, plasters. From adhesive bandages to operating room drapes, linens and gowns,  non-wovens are often preferred for their aseptic qualities and ease of use. ...more