Packaging Equipment OEM

Tissue Wrap and Packaging Equipment OEM - Side Sealing Packaging machines use twin PTFE coated belts to guide the product over the heated elements to seal the polyfilm wrapper, providing protection from heat and marking during this process. ...more



Form, Fill, and Seal Equipment OEM - the form/fill/seal machines that fill flexible poly pouches with things like chips, nuts, candies,vegetables, coffee, hardware item etc are often use PTFE tapes and fabrics to cover the sponge rubber coverings on the heat seals, and on the sealing jaws. ...more


Vacuum Packaging OEM -

PTFE Coated Tapes is often used to protect the heat sealing element on vacuum packaging equipment. The tape allows the heat to transfer to the target surface while the PTFE coating prevents the poly film material from adhering to the heated element. ...more


 Heat Seal Packaging Equipment OEM - Heat Sealing packaging equipment is commonly used in clean room pouch sealing by means of impulse heat sealing. PTFE Group tapes, fabrics, zone tapes and die-cuts all find use in this application to protect heated surfaces from sticky molten plastic and wear. ...more

Heat Shrink Packaging OEM - Manufacturers of heat shrink tunnels design their equipment to use a variety of PTFE and silicone products.

PTFE Coated Fiberglass Tapes are often applied on the L-Bar on top of silicone or sponge rubber. The PTFE and silicone allow for the L-Bar sealer to properly heat seal the poly film around a product. ...more

OEM Blister Packaging - is the pre-formed plastic packaging used for numerous hardware items, consumer goods, toys, foods, and health and beauty items found on store shelves. As the blister or shell folds down on itself it forms the clamshell style of blisterpack. PTFE fabric is used as a buffer to allow for seal of plastic and clean removal of the heating unit. ...more