Paper Products

Many large paper mills and related paper companies convert paper products into household and commercial finished goods such as toilet tissue, napkins, and paper towels. These products are packaged in polyfilms (plastic films) for proper presentation at grocery stores for advertisement and product containment purposes.

Paper Related Product Manufacture - Heat Shrink Packaging Applications: PTFE coated mesh belting, silicone coated fiberglass belting, as well as PTFE coated tapes and silicone coated fabrics all find use in producing clean, unmarked packaging and protecting heated surfaces on the packaging equipment. ...more

End Sealing of Rolled Paper Products - Paper products such as toilet tissue, napkins, and paper towels are commonly packaged by a heat sealing process of polyfilm known as end sealing. PTFE Group supplies custom fabricated PTFE coated belting with application-appropriate joints and tracking to guide the finished product safely through the packaging machinery. ...more