Protective Packaging

Laminated plastic packaging material is pressed together with heat elements that press the two semi-molten layers together to form a bonded seal. The heat elements require a surface coating that resists sticking, and has high heat tolerance. PTFE group coated performance fabrics and tapes are utlized for this purpose.  

 Roll Covering During the Lamination of Poly Film - PTFE Coated Tape is used as a covering for chill rollers during the lamination process to protect and prevent against the bleed-out of the liquid polyethylene during the lamination process.  ...more

 Sealed Air Packaging Products Manufacturing - PTFE tape or fabric is used to achieve the proper heat seals while protecting the die from adhesion of molten polyfilm material. Tape or fabric may be used in standard widths (supplying rolls) or the equipment may also require die cut profiles. ...more