Renewable Energy

Moulding of Sectional Turbine Blades - Sectional turbine blades are often moulded using either the PrePreg or Infusion Composite methods. PTFE Group PTFE Coated Fiberglass fabrics and PTFE Fiberglass and Film tapes are used in both of these processes. ...more

Conveying Panel Components - After individual solar wafers or cells are produced, they are soldered together with other like cells, in series, to form a string. Conductive stringers are used to join the cells together. This soldering process usually takes place on a PTFE-coated conveyor belt. ...more

PV Module Lamination - PTFE Group Fabrics are used as protective coverings on the laminating press surfaces because of their heat resistance and clean release properties. PTFE Coated Belts are used to convey the panel components through the lamination process. ...more