Thermal Spray Masking

PTFE Group offers a full spectrum of quality thermal spray masking solutions and expertise for greater masking efficiency that leads to time and cost savings.

"As anyone from the thermal spray coating community can appreciate, the process of masking parts for thermal spray coatings can be very time consuming and expensive. It is for these reasons that I can highly recommend Greenbelt Industries as a valued supplier of thermal spray masking products: tapes, fabrics, and compounds." Philip Honigfeld,
Turbocam Inc
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Plasma Spray Coatings - Masking for this extremely hot coating process presents some unique challenges. Often applied to high cost components masking effectiveness is critical to avoid costly failures. PTFE Group engineers highly effective masking materials that resist the extreme heat and abrasion of the plasma spray process  > more

Gas Fuelled HVOF Coatings - HVOF, or High Velocity Oxy Fuel is the most effective method for applying wear coatings such as tungsten carbide, chrome carbide, stainless steel as well as exotic blended alloys. PTFE Group tapes and compounds are used in a variety of ways. > more

HVOF Liquid Fuelled Coatings - Highly dense wear coatings such as tungsten carbide, chrome carbide, stainless steel, etc. are often applied using liquid fueled HVOF due to its higher velocities and higher energy spray. PTFE Group masking materials are used in combination with other masking materials (such as metal) to form effective masking solutions  > more

Combustion Coatings - the coating material is fed into the gun with a wire, powder, or solid rod as the semi-molten material is applied to the target surface. PTFE Group tapes, fabrics, and compounds are highly conformable for easy application, resist extreme heat and abrasion and remove cleanly. > more

Electric Wire Spray - PTFE Group produces tapes, fabrics, and compounds that are engineered to withstand the forces of Electric Wire Spray coating methods. All have exceptional resistance to high temperatures and abrasion, are highly conformable, have excellent adhesion and can be removed cleanly. > more

Cold Spray - A low pressure coating method, Cold Spray is used to produce very dense and pure coatings and coatings of soft metals such as aluminum. Tolerance to temperature extremes (both low and high) makes PTFE Group tapes and compounds effective for use in masking for this coating process. > more

Grit Blasting - Before coatings are applied, target surfaces must be prepared. Abrasive (grit) is often used to roughen or etch the surface. PTFE Group tapes, compounds and fabrics are engineered to withstand the high abrasiveness of the grit blast process and can then remain in place for spray coating. > more