Attention wind blade manufacturers! 18 Feb 2016

Learn more about the advantages of reinforced PTFE-based mould release.

GR6 Mould Release on applied to wind turbine mould

GR6 Mould Release Meeting Objective of Reducing Turbine... 31 Jul 2015

Specialized mould release shows exceptional first-year performance



GR6 Mould Release on applied to wind turbine mould

Introducing GR6 Mould Release 15 Oct 2014

More cycles, Smoother finish, Faster turnaround

...the new GOLD Standard in mould management.

Green Belting Industries announces launch of HVMT Orange... 04 Jun 2014

New HVMT Orange Masking Tape Fills a Unique Role - A soft, pliable tape designed to withstand the abrasion and heat associated with Gas Fueled HVOF coatings while delivering clean coating lines and no adhesive residue.

PTFE Group of Companies Announces Custom Pre-Cut Masking... 30 Jan 2014

Pre-cut profiles increase efficiency and reduce costs