PTFE Glass, Film, & UHMW Tapes

Our range of performance tapes includes tapes made with Fluorofab® PTFE coated fiberglass, skived PTFE, High Modulus PTFE, UHMW Polyolefin, and uncoated fiberglass. Pressure sensitive silicone and acrylic adhesives are engineered for strong adhesion and clean removal with minimal or no residue. 

Fiberglass Cloth Tapes

Fiberglass cloth tapes are commonly used as primary and secondary masking tapes versus both low energy and high energy spray systems" Our 160-5S and 160-5S HT is single coated. Our 162-5S, 162-7S, 162-12S is double coated. Used for...

Fluorofab DXL™ Tapes

Fluorofab® DXL™ Tapes are constructed with a a special PTFE coating engineered to withstand abrasion and wear, and better suited for use with more abrasive products and compounds.

Fluorofab® Tapes 100 Series

The Fluorofab® 100 Series Tapes product line offers more than 20 unique tapes with different thicknesses and coating formulas. All are fabricated with our PTFE coated woven fiberglass fabric. 



Fluorofab® Zone Tapes

Fluorofab® Zone Tape is designed for use on impulse sealers - to protect the heat element surfaces while also protecting the finished product. Specifically designed to withstand extreme temperatures, Fluorofab® Zone Tapes feature an...

GR6 Mould Release

More cycles, Smoother finish, Faster turnaround
...the new GOLD Standard in mould management.

High Modulus PTFE Tape 150 Series

Fabricated from pure unsupported virgin PTFE, similar to our Skived PTFE tapes, except they are much denser and stronger.

Skived PTFE Tapes 110 Series

Our Skived PTFE Tapes 110 Series are fabricated from pure unsupported virgin PTFE film.

UHMW Polyolefin Tapes 130 Series

Best suited for low-heat applications, 130 Series UHMW Polyolefin tape offers high abrasion resistance, low friction, non-stick surface, with an aggressive acrylic adhesive.