Fiberglass Cloth Tapes

Fiberglass cloth tapes are commonly used as primary and secondary masking tapes versus both low energy and high energy spray systems" Our 160-5S and 160-5S HT is single coated. Our 162-5S, 162-7S, 162-12S is double coated. Used for electrical insulation Class H.

Available in 160-5S HT, 162-7S HT, and 162-12S. These tapes are fabricated from a tightly woven high tensile glass cloth with a high temperature silicone pressure sensitive adhesive, on one or both sides. 



Uncoated firberglass masking tape

160 Fiberglass Tape - Constructed with tightly woven high-tensile uncoated glass cloth and silicone adhesive, this tape is ideal for secondary masking. It is highly conformable and leaves no adhesive residue upon removal.

Masking Tape with adhesive on both sides for extra tack

162 Fiberglass - Ideal as an under wrap in demanding coating applications, this high temperature fiberglass cloth tape has silicone adhesive on both sides. The tape removes cleanly after use and leaves no adhesive residue.


  • High resistance to cut through and abrasion
  • Silicone adhesive system for superior adhesion to metal and "face to back" 
  • Releases cleanly from metal surfaces 
  • The 162-5S, 162-7S HT and 162-12S have a pressure sensitive silicone adhesive applied to both sides of the carrier fabric and a heavy duty crepe paper liner 
  • 162-7S is designed for easier liner release and handling 


  • Masking for metalizing and plasma spray applications 
  • Under wrap for other tapes