Fluorofab DXL™ Tapes

Fluorofab® DXL™ Tapes are constructed with a a special PTFE coating engineered to withstand abrasion and wear, and better suited for use with more abrasive products and compounds.

Fluorofab DXL™ Tapes 

The special coating utilized in our DXL™ Tapes is engineered to provide excellent abrasion resistance while maintaining the existing properties of our PTFE-coated Tapes. DXL products show their true value by extending the life of our product, and decreasing downtime.

Customers using our DXL™ products see significant increases in product life compared to competitive premium products. DXL™ tapes are manufactured from our DXL™ Fabrics using a high temperature silicone adhesive system. The DXL™ Tapes meet the FDA requirements of 21 CFR 177.1550 and as such are acceptable by the USDA.


  • Excellent release properties High chemical and abrasion resistance High temperature resistance up to 550°F 
  • Crack-free surface 
  • High operating temperature adhesive, maximum 500°F 
  • Die cut parts available 


  • Heat-sealing plastic film 
  • Roll covering 
  • Carpet cushion manufacturing 
  • Plastic bag manufacturing 
  • Window manufacturing 
  • Food belts 
  • Cooking tray liners