Fluorofab® Zone Tapes

Fluorofab® Zone Tape is designed for use on impulse sealers - to protect the heat element surfaces while also protecting the finished product. Specifically designed to withstand extreme temperatures, Fluorofab® Zone Tapes feature an adhesive-free Fluorofab® fabric center zone that covers the heat element.



Fluorofab® Zone Tapes are used to mask areas that require PTFE-coated glass fabric but should not come into contact with adhesive agents -  packaging machinery heating elements, and sponge or foam surfaces are just a few examples.


  • Center zone is operational from -40°F to +500°F 
  • Low-friction surface 
  • Excellent release properties
  • Use of different Fluorofab® Fabrics ensures optimization of the materials used in light of the nature of the process, end product, and expectations for product life.